How To Check Glo Number via SMS

how to check glo number

You are here because you are desperately in need of your Glo number. A lot of people tends to forget their numbers as a result of having more than one call number from different network. It’s now so obvious that some communication networks works better in some areas than the other, so this have giving rise to people having multiple network SIM cards so as to overcome such situations.

What do you know about Globacom?  

Globacom is one of the Nigeria’s telecommunication company which is popularly known as Glo. Globacom is a multinational telecommunication company with millions of users. Glo offers both prepaid and postpaid services to its users with mind-blowing airtime and data offers. Don’t forget Glo is the ‘grand master of data’. With the Glo 4G LTE you get to experience high speed 4G mobile network without interruption.

Please as you are here to get the easiest means to get your Glo number, remember to link your NIN (National Identification Number) to your line to avoid getting blocked from using your line.

There are so many ways by which you can get your Glo number not just via SMS and this is what I will be showing you in this article so just read through.

Different ways to check Glo number.

  • By checking your Glo SIM pack.
  • By dialing 1244 on your phone.
  • By calling or texting a friend.
  • By dialing the Glo USSD code.

How to check Glo number from your SIM pack.

This is probably of the simplest and easiest way to get your number. All you have to do is to pick up your Glo SIM pack and turn the back of the pack, and you will see your Glo number written there together with your PUK (personal unblocking key) code.

Then in a situation whereby you don’t have your SIM pack again just like most of us because I know we are plenty on this ship not just you, then that’s when you go for the second option.

How to get your number by dialing 1244. 

So here now all you need to do is to dial “1244” on your phone, then you listen carefully as a voice calls out your number then you can as well jot it down for tomorrow.

Then in a situation whereby you can’t remember the number to dial then you have to follow the next step.

How to get your number by calling or texting a friend. 

It’s obvious we can easily mistake the code for another , then that’s why we can use this means to get to know our number once we forget it and desperately in need of it.

If you can happen to find yourself in this situation all you need to do is to simply call or text a friend and then have them call-out or text back the number to you.

Unfortunately, while about calling or texting a friend you realized you are out of airtime which is so common, then you can use the next method to get your Glo number with no charge applied.

How to get your number dialing the Glo USSD code.

If you for one reason or another you are not able to carry the above listed ways to enable you get your Glo number, then this is another way sure means to get your number instantly on your phone.

In other to get your number on your phone firstly, you have to know the correct code to dial to avoid getting the “invalid” message. So therefore, in other to get your Glo number on your phone using the USSD code just dial *135*8#, instantly your Glo number will display on your phone.

In the case whereby the above USSD code didn’t work for you, you can as well dial *777# then follow the guidelines below;

  • Dial *777#
  • Select 4 “My Tariff Plan”
  • In the next pop-up command select 3 “My Number”
  • Then if successful, your Glo number will appear on your phone screen.

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