How To Convert MTN Points To Airtime In Nigeria

how to convert mtn points to airtime in nigeria

This guide is on how to convert mtn points to airtime in Nigeria and Mobile Telephone Network is referred to as MTN. It was founded in 1994 as M-Cell with assistance from the South African government.  MTN is a worldwide mobile telecommunication company based in South Africa, operating majorly in African countries including Nigeria. MTN has its headquarters located in Johannesburg. It is the largest mobile network operator in Africa, serves more than 285 million consumers in 19 markets with voice, data, fintech, digital, enterprise, wholesale, and API services.

To simply make a living “Everywhere You Go,” MTN has offered a variety of telecommunication services since the company first began operating in 1994. MTN created Airtime Services so that users could simply buy airtime so they could make phone calls to other people. As time goes on, data services have also become popular, requiring a data subscription to stay online and talk with friends, family, coworkers, and other people.

MTN also made available several tariff plans each having its properties. A tariff plan is the specific rules, benefits, and charges related to products and services. You may be wondering what the cheapest MTN tariff plan is. The MTN Pulse tariff is one of the cheapest, recommended MTN tariff plans for everyone to get a free data plan and affordable call rates to connect with loved ones.

The MTN Pulse tariff plan, being one of the cheapest and recommended plans, is also a plan filled with a lot of surprises, one of which is the Pulse Point. You might be wondering if the MTN Pulse tariff plan is the only one that gives the MTN Points Bonus. The answer is that the other tariff plans do not offer this service, thus you must be on the Pulse tariff plan to receive points.

The pulse point can only be gotten by the customers on the Pulse tariff plan. MTN Pulse Points are points that are given to and earned by Pulse subscribers through migration or regular data and airtime purchases. The regular purchase of data and airtime is what MTN refers to as “revenue-generating activities from your primary account.”

These MTN Pulse Points can easily be converted to either data or airtime. In this guide, we’ll be discussing more about how we can easily convert our MTN Pulse Points to airtime.

How To Migrate To MTN Pulse?

You may have been wondering how to easily migrate to this awesome MTN Tariff plan, worry no more. I will be showing you the three easy ways to easily migrate to the MTN Pulse tariff plan.

First Option

  • Open your phone dialer
  • Dial *406*1# or *123*2*2#

Second Option

  • Open your phone messanger
  • Text 406 to 131

Third Option

  • Log on to my NG App
  • Click on either ‘Airtime balance’ or ‘Data balance’ from the Home Page.
  • Click on your current plan at the top of the page.
  • Click on ‘Change Plan’ Select ‘MTN Pulse’ ‘Confirm Migration’

Migration into the MTN Pulse tariff plan is free, you will not be charged for migrating if it’s your first time in 30 days. But subsequent migrations within the same month will attract a migration fee of N102.

How To Earn Pulse Points?

MTN Pulse Points offers you rewards as points for performing some transactions on your line when on the MTN Pulse tariff plan. The Pulse Points rewards are given when the following transactions are being carried out on your line;

1. Migrate to the pulse tariff plan:

Each time you migrate to the MTN Pulse tariff plan, you are offered a pulse point. This is to tell you that you will start earning pulse points immediately after you migrate to the tariff plan.

2. Make Calls:

If you want to make more pulse points then you have to make more calls. Each time you make calls while on the MTN Pulse tariff plan, you get rewarded with the MTN Pulse Points.

3. Buy Data Bundles:

To stay updated online, data has to be used, you purchasing data bundles while on this tariff plan opens a wide door to earning more pulse points. Each time you purchase data bundles on MTN Pulse, you get pulse points.

If you want to simply check the number of pulse points you have;

  • Open your phone dialer.
  • Dial *406*7*1#

Steps To Convert MTN Points To Airtime

Airtime is a voucher that’s used to upload money on your phone to make phone calls, send messages, use the internet on your phone, etc. Airtime is also the charge related to the cost of your data, texts, and minutes.

Each pulse is equivalent to or worth one N1. Meaning that your N15 value is 15 if you have 15 pulse points. There are 300 pulse points in N300, hence that is its value. For example, imagine having a lot of MTN points but no airtime. If you want to make a call, you will want to figure out how to quickly turn these points into airtime.

We’ve discussed ways to easily get MTN Pulse Points. These points are of no use if they cannot be converted to either airtime or data. I will be showing you the easy steps to convert your MTN Points to airtime.

I do not doubt that the main reason you typed in the search terms in the search engine is to learn how to turn earned MTN Points into airtime.

However, you may always exchange your earned pulse points for data. Unfortunately, there is no way to convert pulse points into airtime.

The data bundles you can exchange your pulse points to are listed below;

  • Daily data plans
  • Weekly data plans
  • Monthly data plans
  • Nightlife bundles
  • IG/ Tiktok/ YouTube bundle

To get free data that’s worth the value of the accumulated Pulse points your pulse point balance will be converted. That is to say, if you have 200 Pulse Points, you can only exchange those points to get data worth 200 naira. Follow the steps below to convert your MTN Pulse Points To Data;

  • Simply dial *406#.
  • Reply with ‘7‘ to select Pulse Points.
  • Reply with ‘1‘ to select Redeem Data Bundle.
  • Now, select daily or weekly, or monthly data bundles from the list.
  • For the sake of this guide, I will reply with ‘3’ to select Monthly data bundles.
  • Once you select Monthly plans, you’ll see the list on your screen.
  • Kindly select a plan based on the number of Pulse points you have at the moment.


Mtn points are given to you and all other IPulse users for performing certain activities, it can then be used to purchase any of the available data bundles.

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