How To Prepare Scent Leaf For Infection

how to prepare scent leaf for infection

Everything has a value attached to it. If someone has an infection, people around would stand against infection and hence look around for a proper solution, what would cross their mind is medication, which scent leaf is one of it. The life span of scent leaf is very interesting, it lives for more than two years. It is even growing at the back of your residential house if you can plant it. Scent leaf is very aromatic and friendly when perceived, it calms and relaxes the body which can make someone want to smell it for longer time.

In Nigeria, scent leaf has health importance such that every individual has it in their garden because of the value people attached to it. Consequently, every tribe has its way of pronouncing it, among Yorubas, it calls Efinrin, the Igbo call it Nchuanwu leaf, the Hausas call it Aramogbo and the Efiks call it Nantong. Scent leaf has integral value in health grounds and it is highly important to discuss its preparation for infection.

The benefits of scent leaves can’t be underrated in health aspect, people are using them for different purposes even in health among them are:it aids digestion, it also helps in evacuation and management of weight, it is also used in the treatment of oral infection, fever, cold and catarrh.

Furthermore, preparing scent leaves for infection has great value to human health. It has some important factors you need to put in place while preparing the scent leaf, you need to get the tools that you need ready before beginning the process, tools like a stove, gas, kettle, and scent leaf itself (fresh ones from a reliable source), clean water not ordinary water and cup. On the other hand, make sure that your hand is cleaned. To achieve this, you must follow the steps stated below:

Scent Leaf Preparation For Infection Cure

  • Thorough washing of scent leaf
  • Pour water inside kettle( volume of water depends on the quantities of scent leaf you make available)
  • Place available scent leaves inside the kettle.
  • Put on your cooking gas or stove and boil for about 30 minutes.
  • After that, you will now put off the gas or stove or whatever.

Besides, your kettle is filled with water and scent leaves, making your scent leaf tea. It is necessary to boil scent leaves simply because you are extracting all the nutrients present in the scent leaf and transferring it to the water which then becomes your scent leaf tea.

Similarly, there are still other ways that are specifically described for the preparation of scent leaves for infection, there are two ways which are; the first way is to grind the leaves into powder which will be applied to the affected spot. The second way is that, is just to decoction by boiling the leaves. This also can be used in two ways; it can be used topically and as well internally. In a topical sense, you can just crush the leaves and mix them with water to make a paste, then this paste can be used directly on the wound. On the way round, if you are considering an internal method of preparing scent leaves you can simply boil the leave and drink the extract.

Although, the most useful way of making scent leaves is to create an infusion. Infusion occurs when you steep the leaves in hot water. This can be achieved and used as it is.

Mind you scientists had experimented to establish that, the scent leaf has a lot of benefits to human health. It has been established that scent leaf contains antifungal properties which are used in tackling fungal infections.

To be sincere, the scent leaf has other importance apart from infections, or hence, we would have abandoned it for another leaf. The plant’s functioning is highly integral, it boasts a lot of antipyretic activities, larvicidal, antifungal, and antibacterial. It gives an important role in the treatment of infections.

For a better understanding of the amazing uniqueness of this plant, you need to go through the unique benefits here listed;

  1. Treatment of respiratory disorders
    Aqueous extracts of scent leaves. The leaves are rubbed between the palms and sniffed as a treatment for nostrils blocked.
  2. Promote oral hygiene
    Using scent leaf stem to kill bacteria in the mouth.
  3. Wound healing activity
    Scent leaf is widely used in the dressing of neonatal umbilical cords and wounds.
  4. Reproductive health
    Scent leaf contains amino acid, arginine penile, which helps in the maintenance of optimum penile health and sperm fertility.
  5. Improve heart function
    Calcium and magnesium are constituents of scent leaves, which help to reduce bad cholesterol and increase blood circulation.

Finally, infections can be cured using scent leaf because of it’s natural ingredients. The juice extracted from it can be drank by both adults and children. Scent leaf also has natural antibiotic so if anyone is suffering from an infection, the juice can save the day.

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