How To Recharge And Check Glo Airtime Balance Via SMS

check glo airtime balance

Many mobile users in Nigeria use Glo network due to its wide coverage and inexpensive data cost. One of the challenges they usually face is on how to check their glo airtime balance, you will learn how to do it in this article.

Globacom popularly known as Glo is a Nigeria multinational telecommunication company with millions of users in Nigeria, Ghana and Benin. Globacom was founded on 29 August 2003 by Mike Adenuga who happens to be the third richest man in Africa (2022).

Glo have made history as the first single company to build a high capacity sub marine fiber- optic cable, known as Glo-1, the first submarine cable from the United Kingdom to Nigeria. Glo happens to be the second largest telecom operator in Nigeria. Glo has the cheapest data browsing package with other amazing products and services. (Grand masters of Data)

How to check your Glo airtime balance

Checking Glo balance is not a difficult thing to do, as all it requires is just a CODE. So you have been seeing it to be difficult just because you don’t know the right code to use. I advise you follow the steps in this guide to put a stop to the stress and enjoy your Glo line.

Firstly, you need to have a Glo SIM card inserted in your phone. Additionally, when you are making use of a dual sim phone please make sure that after typing the correct code you dial with your Glo SIM card.
To check your Glo airtime balance you just have to type in the code #124*1#. Once you type in the code your airtime balance will appear in your screen, you will equally get it as an SMS with that one dial. I know you are now relieved from the stress of dialing wrong codes and getting “error” messages.

How to recharge your Glo SIM card

Glo offers its users a lot of exclusive and amazing product and services which has led to continuous increase of users. As part of this exclusive services Glo provided different means by which their customers can recharge their Glo SIM card. As a Glo customer you can recharge your line either by purchasing a Glo recharge voucher or you recharge through your bank account. So it’s that simple and easy! So let’s see the steps involved in this:

1. To recharge with a voucher:  You can purchase the Glo recharge card in any Glo retail outlet in your area and the price ranges from N100, N200, N500. Please note that the Glo recharge voucher/card contains 15-digits pin which you enter in your phone. To recharge your Glo line dial the PIN in this USSD format: *123*PIN# then you press OK/SEND. You will immediately receive a confirmatory message about your recharge. It’s that simple.

2. How to recharge with your bank account: With the Glo E service you can buy airtime and data bundle directly from your bank account from your comfort zone anywhere anytime. You can do this via a USSD code which is *805#. Once you dial the code you select your bank and the amount of airtime/data bundle you want to recharge then press SEND/OK.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to link/connect your phone number to your bank account before you can recharge with your account and you do NOT need a PIN as your line is linked to your account, thou some banks will ask you for pin to carry out the transaction.

How to buy Glo data

Glo data plans are flexible and very cheap. Glo offers lots of whooping data bundle services you can select from. You can get this service via the USSD code.
You can choose to buy your data bundle from your airtime by dialing *777#, then you select the data plan you wish to purchase. You can equally buy data plan directly from your bank account by dialing *805# and then select DATA.

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