How To Screenshot On Windows And Mac

How to Take a Screenshot for Mac OS Methods

There are several different ways to take a screenshot. We recommend one of the
1. Command+Shift+3 to capture the whole screen or Command+Shift+4 to capture a partial screen.
2. Grab Utility Tool
3. Lightshot Screen Capture
4. If you use the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), many of the programs have a built in screenshot tool

The following tutorial will introduce you to all of these methods.

Screenshots using Command+Shift

• There are several ways to use the built in Command+Shift+3 or 4 screenshot method on Mac.
• Apple provides an excellent tutorial on how to capture a whole or a partial screen.
• Visit for more information.
• By default, these screenshots save to the desktop as PNG files
• These screenshots can then be copied and pasted into any program, including Word, PowerPoint or Excel.

Adding Markings to Screenshots

• Open the screenshot in Preview
• Click on the toolbox icon in the top right corner.
• The toolbox opens a tool bar
• Multiple tools are located here, including arrows and boxes that can be placed around objects.
• Click on the desired tool and draw near/around the location you would like to highlight
• The toolbar also allows you to change the color, size, and other characteristics of your marking.

Grab Utility Tool

• Click Launchpad
• Search for Grab and click on the program.
• Grab will appear in the Dock at the bottom of your screen.
• Click and hold on the Grab image and a new screen pops up. Choose what you would like to take a screen capture of.
• Your screenshot will appear on your screen.
Unlike the Command+Shift tool, you will have to save the image.


• Lightshot is a free program available for download on either Windows or Mac.
• It is an excellent tool to use if you need to draw arrows or boxes around certain areas of your screenshot.
• Offers more options for editing your screenshot than most capture methods.
• After installing Lightshot from the Apple Store (it is a free app), a new feather will appear in the upper right corner of your home screen.
• When you click on this feather, you can capture a new screenshot by click and dragging your cursor.
• Once you have taken a screenshot, two panels will appear.
• This is your editing panel; it allows you to draw arrows, boxes, etc, directly on the screenshot.
• The other panel allows you to save, copy, or share your screenshot to OneDrive, Google Drive, and other programs.

Insert > Screenshot

• Many Microsoft Office Programs have a screenshot tool built into the software.
• You can find it by going to the Insert Tab, and click the down arrow on the Screenshot button.
• You can take a shot of a full window, or a portion of the screen with “Screen Clipping”

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